Strategic HR processes

In the areas of developing Organisational Capability and People Development. Our bouquet of services include :
1. Balanced Score Card : We help the organisations in charting out their performance deliveries and developmental needs within the overall context of organisational challenges through this technique.

2. Performance Management System : We facilitate the organisational members in crafting their Key Performance Indicators and draw up a Process to initiate a robust PMS

3. HR Process Manual : We partner with organisations in evolving/ modifying their Intent Manual benchmarked to the ‘best of class’ practices.

4. Employee Engagement : We conduct Surveys and help organisations identifying the areas to diagnose and plan interventions around that.

5. Organisational Restructuring : We facilitate in Job Evaluation and evolve organisation structure in consonance with the organisation challenges through work process flow and skill gaps anlysis.

6. Competency Mapping : We patrner with the orgnisations in initiating and developing their own Competency Framework- both generic and functional.

7. Executive Coaching : We initiate Coaching processes in the organisations and help constituents in dealing with their strengths and developmental areas.

8. 360 degrees : We initiate 360 degrees feedback and help their organisations in their developmental journey and create Individual Developmental Plans

9. Compensation Survey : We deal in Compensation Surveys and Benchmarking and facilitate organisations in creating their Compensation Bands.

10. HR Metrics : We facilitate organisations in generating HR Metrics to enhance the performance delivery of the function.