The Company

Positive Strokes was founded by some senior HR professionalsin 2009 and in its journey over the last 3 and a half years, it has made a strong footprint in HR and OD domain especially in the eastern part of the country. It has rendered value adding HR solutions to companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Danieli India, BOC India, Exide Industries, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Reserve Bank of India, ITC Group, Reliance Group, Aditya Birla Group to name a few. It not only caters to corporate houses but also works with students at Business Schools. So far it has worked with G.D. Goenka World Institute, ISB & M, BIBS, Amity, Calcutta Business School etc.

Positive Strokes provides a bouquet of services pertaining to Psychometric Testing and Assessment, Learning and Development and Strategic HR Processes. An indicative list (and not exhaustive) of the L & D and OD initiatives which it has taken are provided below:-
1. Effective Communication & Presentation Skills Workshop :     M/s. ACC

2. ILP Programme :     M/s. TCS

3. Negotiation Skill Workshop :      M/s. MTI, SAIL, Ranchi

4. Motivating Self for Success ( the program design got silver medal at an All-India basis at ISTD) :      M/s. Indian Oil Corporation

5. Working Together ( Union-Management Collaboration) :      M/s. Exide Industries

6. Sales Functional Training :      M/s CMC Ltd, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi

7. Managerial Effectiveness Workshop :      M/s. RBI, Mysore, Danieli India

8. Coaching & Mentoring Workshop :      M/s. Indian Oil Corporation

9. Managerial Effectiveness Workshop :      M/s. Indian Institute of Coal

10. Effective Interpersonal Skills Workshop :      M/s. Arcvac Forgecast ( Smithy group)

11. Workshop on Executive Effectiveness :      M/s. Esco Group, Bangalore

12. Professional Grooming Sessions :      M/s. ISB&M, Kolkata, Amity and BIBS,Kolkata

13. Role & Identity Lab :      M/s. Amrit Group

14. Leadership Excellence :      M/s. Indian Oil Corporation

15. Building High Performance Team :      M/s. BOC India

16. Managerial Excellence Workshop :      NIPM,Mysore

17. Effective Motivational skills :      Times of India, Bangalore

18. Team Building Workshop :      Times of India, Bangalore

19. Managerial Effectiveness :      M/s. Mcnally Bharat

20. Performance Management Workshops :      M/s. Wimco (ITC Group) at Kolkata,Chennai and Mumbai

21. Leadership & Team Building Workshop :      M/s. Reliance Group ( Residential program at Puri)

22. Leadership Development including OBT :      M/s. Bengal Energy Group at Tajpur

23. Leadership Development :      M/s. Mcnally Bharat

24. Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness :      M/s. Danieli India

25. Power of Motivation :      M/s. Indian Oil Corporation

26. Inspiration Unlimited :      M/s IOCL

27. From College to Corporate :      M/s BOC India Limited, IICM

28. Workshop on Time Management :      M/s Danieli India

29. KPI Workshop for Leadership Team :      M/s. MSP Steel

30. Grooming and Etiquette Workshop :      M/s Danieli India

31. Motivation on Organizational Alignment:      M/s VMG Group

32. Workshop on ‘Me and The World Around Me :      M/s. IBP

33. Effective Sales Training Program :      M/s. Titan Industries

34. Executive Effectiveness Program :      M/s. Mcnally Bharat

35. Coaching & Mentoring Workshop :      M/s. Indian Oil, Guwahati

36. Students Capability Building Workshops ( series) :      Amity, ISB&M, CBS, BIBS etc

37. Passion for Excellence Workshop :      Indian Oil ( featured in The Eco Times and The Telegraph)

38. Workshop on Performance Feedback :      Indian Oil, Bhubaneshwar

39. Building High Performance Team :      MDP at CBS

40. Team Synergy :      IICM, Ranchi

41. Insights on Self Discovery :      Indian Oil, Kolkata

42. Passion For Excellence :      Public Programme, Guwahati

43. Sales Effectiveness Workshop :      Exide Industries

44. Decision Making Skills :      Tega Industries.

45. Ignite Your Passion – Euphoria Workshop :      AMTC(StemcorGroup,UK) at Mukutmanipur and Jim Corbett National Park

46. Leadership & Team Building Workshop :     M/s MSP Steel & Power at Raigarh& Kolkata

47. Team Building Workshop :     M/s ACC Ltd

48. Employee Development Programme :     M/s NHPC Teesta Project

49. Communication, Presentation and Interpersonal Skill :     M/s NHPC Teesta Project

50. Leadership Development :     Becton Dickinson, Gurgaon

Apart from these we have delivered Programmes in association with our training delivery partner :

1. Balanced Score Card- based PMS: M/s. Amrit Group and Coal India Ltd ( as Lead Facilitator)
2. Diagnostic Survey : M/s. GD Goenka World Institute
3. Leadership Development for Branch Head : M/s. Swissotel and MckeillIspat
4. HR Processes : M/s. Danieli India- Automation Division
5. Assessment Development Centres : M/s. VST Industries and Danieli India
6. Students Capability Building Processes : M/s. Calcutta Business School
7. Operational Excellence Model : M/s. Danieli India- Automation Division
8. Performance Management System : M/s. Green Valliey Industries

Apart from these we have delivered the following OD projects :
1. Balanced Score Card- based:M/s. Amrit Group and Coal India Ltd ( as Lead Facilitator)
2. Diagnostic: M/s. GD Goenka World Institute
3. HR: M/s Swissotel and Mckeill Ispat
4. Employee: M/s Kiswok Industries
5. Executive: M/s. Danieli India
6. Assessment Development: M/s. VST Industries and Danieli India
7. HR Audit : Jai Balagi
8. Operational Excellence : Danieli India

After creating a strong foothold in the eastern part of the country, Positive Strokes today is embarking on a journey of extending itself to the other parts of the country and abroad.